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Art toward Cultures of Sustainability

The concept of sustainable development mirrored the attempt to reflect upon the complex systemic contradictions between ecological, economic and social dimensions of development and how these contradictions could be brought into accord.
The cultural dimension of development and its interrelation with the arts and sciences was nevertheless widely neglected.

This is the reason why the potential for change of a global (environ)mental cultural transition and the role of art within this process are at the core of this thematic window of the conference.

Cultures of sustainability are obligated to the search for conceptual alternatives which are derived from biological and cultural diversity and in so doing enables human welfare. They are built on the creation of life worlds to be experienced through one's senses. These will be inspired by the love of life and the passion of their creators.

Sustainability cannot be conceptualized or practiced through one discipline. Herein lies the cross roads of the debates over new funds for art projects or the establishment of a Fund for Aesthetics and Sustainability, as suggested by Adrienne Goehler.

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