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Art for Social Transformation

The concept Art for Social Transformation addresses the potentials of art and culture for social change and refers to cultural projects that aim at strengthening the individual and groups of society and also want to initiate or promote social or ecological transformations. The so-called empowerment of the individual implies to provide accessible spaces for creative development as part of the personal development and directly or indirectly the ability to sociopolitical articulation and participation.Cultural work in conflict areas as well as projects with marginalised groups and the mediation between the margins and periphery of society are a particular application of this approach.

Artists and cultural workers in Latin America describe the impact of Art for Social Transformation as facilitating political and social participation beyond often deadlocked structures. They understand their work as part of a social movement that strives for change processes towards the strengthening of cities and societies.Artists are often the leading initiators of social movements. The interaction of artistic and social work is also of great relevance here. Comparable positions exist all around the world.

Artists become actors of transformation processes by formulating their perspectives uncompromised by political or economic influence and by creating spaces for discussion and opinion buildingfor the public. Often they make their audience become actors as well through active participation in the artistic process. Particularly with regard to the non-artistic effects of their work and to the connection of artistic and social work towards social change, the role of the artist is often referred to as "change agent" -. But the international discourse about the very role art plays in social change processes is still in its infancy. The focus of this thematic window within the conference therefore is to discuss various perspectives and practical examples that illustrate the diversity of Art for Social Transformation and to offer an international exchange in this field.


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