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Cultural Policy Strategies and Funding Structures

The conference´s thematic windows "Art for Social Transformation", "Art toward Cultures of Sustainability" and "Public Art" need accompanying cultural and political discourses, political willingness to act and the development of sustainable funding concepts.This is primarily a task for government entities, academic institutions and foundations. Secondly, all involved stakeholders and the general public are invited to comment on the question: What is the role of art and culture for the quality of life? What can be expectedin the future? How can funding structures respond to the realities of art practice while securing a basic public cultural infrastructure for the diversity of cultural expressions? How one can the participation of as many citizens as possible be ensured, especially that of the socially excluded and other disadvantaged groups. From a political and public perspective, measurable results and visible effects play a major role. This is an important task but also needsto be reflected upon critically.

There arealready a wide range of good policies and practical experiences. Some of the biggest challenges are permanent long-term financing strategies for arts and cultural projects. The vulnerability of donor funds is a fact, e.g. resulting from short-term changes in foreign policy priorities in times of tight budgets. Equally important is the development of local funding concepts in developing countries and in emerging economies. Has corporate cultural responsibility based on successful models in the social sector led to tangible results?At the same time artists often feel restricted or even threatened in their freedom of expression. Art often questions antiquated values and existing practices. In many countries, artists and journalists are even physically endangered and restricted in their work or even threatened. Which cultural and political structures and platforms can help to protect?


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